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Current Uniforms

The current uniform pants are designed with a seven-inch long zipper:

  • In-turn puts the waistline well over the real waist.
  • The holster also rides up (even with a drop holster) into rib cage creating an uncomfortable and unnatural draw of an officer's firearm.
  • This makes the entire duty belt fit much higher on the body.
  • Bullet-proof vest fits too high exposing more of the abdomen verses a man's fit.
  • The rise is just too long, sagging between the legs getting caught on anything we have to jump over.
  • Sitting in your squad car becomes a challenge.
Conforming to Current Uniform

How do women cope with this flaw in design:

  • Shrug their pants down so they have a more natural feel to the fit of the pant.
  • Larger area of abdomen exposed.
  • Pushing elbows down onto the gun belt, better positioning to reach our weapon.
  • Purchasing men's pants because the zipper is 1/2 inch shorter, resulting in better fit.
  • Repetitive draw practice because of positioning.
  • Going to seamstress to alter the pant.
Her BlueWear Uniforms

Lowering the waistline by 2 inches:

  • Automatically puts the weapon at a natural place for access.
  • The majority of the gun belt's weight is placed on a woman's natural center of gravity allowing a better balance and less risk of injury.
  • Reduces the undue pull on her lower back muscles and spine as well as possible bruising of her hip bone.
  • The bulletproof vest will cover more of the woman's vital organs.

We've asked for it and No One Would Listen

Her BlueWear Uniforms, LLC is a new company that will provide women in the law enforcement arena uniforms with safety at the foremost of importance.

HBWU takes pride the fact that they are designed by the women who wear them. This company was started by a woman officer who was fed up with her uniform mishaps, design flaws, & having to conform to the uniform.

Here at Her BlueWear Uniforms we are dedicated to listening carefully to meet women's needs. We know how important a properly fitted uniform is to the performance of the occupation.