Her BlueWear Uniforms, LLC | Police Uniforms | Women Police Uniforms | Women in Law Enforcement
Providing uniforms tailored to the specific needs of women
working in public safety, and paticularly law enforcement.

As President Denise Czack, is the driving force behind the company Vice President, Tanya Czack having served in law enforcement for 27 yearsiforms, LLC.

Vice President, Tanya Sirl having served in law enforcement for 27 years, utilizing her experience and resources.

Providing Women in Law Enforcement with Functionally Designed Apparel

Uniform manufacturers only pay attention to the fact that law enforcement is a predominately male profession. Our market could be referred to as, "The Good Old Boys Club."

The key differentiator is that Her BlueWear Uniforms is not a unisex company.

We are dedicated to listening to the needs of our customers. Our goal is to help supply the correct tools for the occupation.

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